How do I become an Addict Club member?
You can get a Addict Card at any Tokyo Joe’s and register it here at tokyojoes.com.

Why do I have to register my card?
Registration is required to redeem rewards. It allows you to transfer points to a new card if lost. Allows you to gain and redeem points if you do not have your card on hand.

What are Addict Club point and how do I redeem them?
Addict Club members will be awarded points for each purchase made at Tokyo Joe’s. One point per dollar spent*. 150 points will automatically be converted into a Addict Club reward. Rewards expire 60 days for the award date.

Special rewards will be given periodically with their own expiry dates.

Each year on your half birthday you will be given a reward for a free entrée. We will remind you via email.

Do I receive points for everything?
No, not everything, you will not receive points for taxes, delivery fees and gift card purchases.

Do I get points for buying a gift card?
No, but you get points for purchases made with a gift card.

What if I forget my card when I make a purchase?
Just let us know when you make the purchase and we can add points using your phone number as long as you have one added to your account profile.

What if I lose my card?
Get a new card any Tokyo Joe’s, once you have a new card you can transfer points to the new card on tokyojoes.com. Only points made on registered cards can be transferred.

Will my rewards expire?
Rewards earned through purchases will expire in 60 days. Special rewards are unique limited time offers. We will let you know the time frame when you get the reward.

What are you going to do with my information?
We use the information to help create special offers and communicate them to you. Your phone number can be used to look up your card if you forget it when you come in.

Can I use my card at any Tokyo Joe’s Restaurant?
Yes, you can use your Tokyo Joe’s Addict Club card at any location. Some special rewards may be location specific.

How do I know how many points I have?
You can log into your account on tokyojoes.com to see your current point balance.

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